Volunteering – A Way of Life

Another life changing experience through volunteering work; getting to know different cultures & ways of life. The Food Coop Shop is one of the many such places.

Whispers of an Anxious Mind

Trains… Mumbai locals… Where bonds fostered are thicker than blood. Well, at least in most cases.
This is my interpretation of a conversation I overheard whilst travelling by train.

And so it goes – a conversation between 2 women. One must have been in her 30’s and the other, late 20’s. The conversation was of challenges post marriage; Of how everyone & everything just seems to change.

The conversation I overheard made me realize – no matter how educated we will be, we continue to live in a conservative and traditional thinking society.

Making a Green difference

Due to Technology and humans carelessness, our Earth is in grave danger. This World Environment Day, many individuals & groups made a pledge to save the Earth. Here is what the Green Madcaps did – trying to make our Earth a bit more greener.

Green Connection

At times we come across certain scenes which make us motionless… even speechless. Here’s one such scenic view that happened to me.

Long weekend getaway: Pondicherry

A small and quiet town, it is also one of the most beautiful colony from the Portuguese era. A trip here is definitely peaceful and relaxing

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!   Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton