Explore Sri Lanka’s Southern Province (Part 2 – Gourmet & Transport)

For those who missed Part 1 of the blog (on Stay and places to visit), please visit https://bit.ly/2N9bHTn

Gourmet Places:

Pink Elephant:

A hip and happening place, with a bohemian ambiance, groovy music and a super cool host, Mr. Chaminda, you cannot miss this place. It is recommended to either go early or reserve a table as this place gets full very fast. And yes, Mr. Chaminda loves to interact with his guests. We tried the Beef Strips and Deviled Chicken as per recommendation and it was a right decision. The beef was well cooked along with stir fry veggies and the sauce was just perfect. This was served along with rice. For drinks we had Arrack shots specially prepared by Mr. Chaminda. This one is a definite must go to place.
(Arrack – a distilled alcoholic drink produced in the Indian Subcontinent & Southeast Asia Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arrack

Thaproban Beach Restaurant:

Just as its name says, this restaurant has placed its seating on the sandy shore of the beach. With light music in the background, helpful staff and delicious dinner, we could not ask for more. The seating is at an angle where one can enjoy a panoramic view of the beach, listen to the waves and in all this, the slow service is forgiven. Well known for its sea food, this restaurant gives you to choose the fresh catch of the day and accordingly decide your meal. However, we went in for the Grilled pork chops with Red wine.

Koha Surf Lounge:

A small cozy place to chill, enjoy good music especially reggae, in a bohemian ambiance. Their crispy sweet potato fries are recommended along with your beer. Their in-house burgers were tasty and well cooked.

Food at Koha Surf Lounge

La Boheme

Given its quirky bohemian décor, we decided to try out this restaurant. They are known for their wood-stove pizzas. They serve mainly Italian food. Good for someone who loves having pizzas the traditional way. Very good ambiance but too expensive for food.

Given it’s hot weather, your best bet on the most refreshing drink was the King Coconut. Easily found anywhere & everywhere, it is not only cheap, but also good for the health to beat the summer heat. For stronger drinks, the local beer – Lion or the Arrack is recommended.

King Coconut

Mode of Transport:

It is recommended to take the train ride from Colombo to either the north or south Sri Lanka. The scenic view is one in a million with the train passing through the beach shore lined with coconut palm trees and the wind rustling through your hair!

The trains may be of an era gone by, but do not base your judgement on looks. It was one of the most beautiful train journeys. Go for it – You won’t be disappointed.

Although Tuk-Tuks are easily available, we found them a bit too expensive. Instead, we tried the local buses. Their services are frequent & cheap. The bus drivers drive crazily but, I must admit that the buses had some great music and a few were decorated as well. The drive felt like a colorful roller coaster that got your heart in your mouth! Unfortunately we were unable to click clear pics. But a ride is worth a try!

With its pristine waters, excellent road network, beautiful nature & heritage, Sri Lanka is now one of the most trending places in the Indian Sub-Continent for holiday destinations. After 30 years of civil war, the island in the Indian Ocean, has now begun witnessing an increase in tourism.

What are you waiting for? Go & visit this beautiful country now!


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