A Pledge – World Environment Day

Biodiversity. Sounds exotic but isnt, It is an integral part of our daily lives. We only need to open our senses to nature. We need to conserve it. This year’s theme for World Environment day is Biodiversity. And here is my pledge.

Gratitude in the times of Corona

We have always taken our circumstances and relationships for granted. And during this difficult time, we have started seeing what brings us real joy. We have started to see that life can go on with basic requirements and how many of us are fortunate to have this verses a vast population who even struggles for food or shelter.

Whispers of an Anxious Mind

Trains… Mumbai locals… Where bonds fostered are thicker than blood. Well, at least in most cases.
This is my interpretation of a conversation I overheard whilst travelling by train.

And so it goes – a conversation between 2 women. One must have been in her 30’s and the other, late 20’s. The conversation was of challenges post marriage; Of how everyone & everything just seems to change.

The conversation I overheard made me realize – no matter how educated we will be, we continue to live in a conservative and traditional thinking society.