Gratitude in the times of Corona

Social distancing and isolation are the trending words
Being confined indoors is the new routine
The new normal now seems disturbing
But this is what everyone wanted, before Corona broke loose.

Work from home; Family time; Work life balance, were the requests
Now that everyone has it, it is beginning to suffocate
Parents dealing with home-schooling, now being thankful for Teachers
Children who yearned for parents attention, now adjusting to generation gap
Governments trying to help their people, whereas all we do is blame
Party lovers and Shopaholics now seeing, life can go on without the bling and glitter
Everyone realizing, they can live with the minimum resources.

True! Corona is scary and we fear to lose our loved ones
We now use technology to have meals together
Those hugs and smiles are being missed so much
Even a nod from a stranger, brings out a warm smile, full of gratitude
We see the world differently in these hard times
More than anything, it has taught us to value and be thankful for our present.

Published by WanderingFeet

A pro-procrastinator, dreamer and a crazy hooman who believes in doing the unexpected & has her mantra - Work. Eat. Travel. Sleep. Repeat

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